Web Maintenance

We provide quality web maintenance, and management,when you need it, at a price you can afford. Choose from pay-as-you-go or subscription-based pricing. When you need fast, reliable, and affordable, we're here to help. Ask Us for a free quote

Why do I need web maintenance?

Here are just a few reasons...

  ♦  Search Engines value FRESH content.
  ♦  Broken links and pages hurt your search placement.
  ♦  Visitors are turned-off by out-dated content and poorly functioning websites.
  ♦  To insure that your website works properly on different browsers like Internet Explorer,
      Firefox, Safari, and Chrome.
  ♦  To remove website vulnerabilities and reduce security risks.

Web Hosting

Not happy with your web hosting company? Can't get the support you need or expect? Give us a try and experience feature rich services, affordable pricing, reliable customer support, security and peace-of-mind.

Why is selecting the right hosting company so important?

Here are just a few reasons...

  ♦   To insure that your website is always online and visible to visitors.
  ♦   To insure that your emails are working properly at all times.
  ♦   To have proper back-ups of your website files.
  ♦   To insure that you have the quality support you need and expect.
  ♦   To reduce the chance of having your website h*cked or jeopordized.

Web Design

If your website is dated, you're probably losing business. If you had your website built more than 2 years ago, it's time for a new one. An effective small business website does not need to cost a fortune. Your business can be online in as littile as 1 business day.

When is it time for a new website?

Here are a few examples...

  ♦   When you are no longer dressed for the occasion. You have changed, your audience has changed,
       but your website was left behind.
  ♦   When you're ready to add a WOW factor to your online presentation.
  ♦   When you're not getting the results you want from your website.
  ♦   When you or your staff are not proud of your website.
  ♦   When your competitors' websites are more user-friendly than yours.
  ♦   When customers are often making suggestions for improvements on your website.
  ♦   When your website is not consistant with your business branding.
  ♦   When your website is missing key elements like blogs, videos, and social media links.
  ♦   When potential customers can't tell what your company does within a few seconds after
       visiting your website.

Online Marketing

Local consumers are looking for your products and services online. We can help them find your business using effective marketing strategies like Search Engine Optimization, Pay-Per-Click Advertising, Social Networking, and Email Marketing.

What is online marketing?

Online marketing is the process of making your website visible to potential customers who prefer to shop online for products or services that you offer.

There are 4 key types of online marketing:

  ♦   SEO - Search Engine Optimization
  ♦   PPC - Pay-Per-Click Advertising Campaigns
  ♦   SMM - Social Media Marketing
  ♦   Email Marketing

Why do I need to market my website online?

  ♦   A growing number of consumers are searching online first for products and services they need.
  ♦   Consumers are using Search Engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo to find businesses that will
       cater to those needs.
  ♦   Online marketing increases your search engine visibility, generating quality leads rather than
       useless traffic.
  ♦   Quality leads often turn into customers.
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