Who needs web site maintenance?

Every web site needs ongoing maintenance service. Web site is a window to the company for the outside world. You want the site to be updated so that it reflects the current stats of your business.

What are some benefits of web site maintenance?

Benefits of web site maintenance are the following:

  ♦   Updated information.
  ♦   Repeat visitors.
  ♦   Search engine optimization.
  ♦   Higher sales.

Am I locked with you for maintenance?

No! Your maintenance period is month to month. We need one month notice to discontinue the program.

How long you have been in business?

MPR has been in web site services business since 2010.

How soon can I expect web site maintenance work completed?

  ♦   Web maintenance subscribers – we promise completion within three business days,
       but our typical turnaround is 24 hours, for any work that is within the regular subscription hours.
       Additional work will be longer. We will immediately notify you if we are unable to complete
      within three working days.
       Note: US holidays and weekends are not considered business day.
  ♦  Ad-hoc maintenance users – we will give you hours, cost and delivery date for each project.

How does your cost compare with typical web maintenance fee in US?

Our cost is typically 1/3rd or less of the typical web maintenance fee charged by companies
similar to MPR.

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